SARA SERNA. Visual artist from Medellín, Colombia who focuses her work on collage and animation. Collage as a tool to resignify femininity and the role of women from the personal and animation as a trade for 10 years.

ELENA MANERO. She studied at UNAM and UCSB. She is a Master of Visual Arts from the New York Academy of Art with a specialization in painting. He has also complemented his training with various workshops at the San Carlos Academy and the Grand Central Atelier. In 2017, she was awarded an artistic residency at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and in 2018 she was awarded the Blick Award. Her work has been exhibited in multiple spaces such as MUTEM, Art Space Mexico, Sebastian Foundation, Flowers Gallery (NY), Sotheby’s (NY) and the Cheng Xi Gallery of Contemporary Art (Beijing).

DAVID DELRUELLE. Is a Brussels (Belgium) based artist, since 2013, he works with collage and photography.

COCOLVÚ. He sees the world in bright colors and amazing shapes. Everything for him is inspiration and art is not only the language in which he communicates ideas and dreams, but also vehicle to understand existence. Each of his works, especially the collage, is a tessera that articulates a colorful mosaic, whose intention is to transmute its accelerated thought in unsuspected beauty, uniting universes and dissimilar times.

PAUL LOUGHNEY. Received his MFA degree in 2006 from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. His work can be found in the permanent collection of Purdue University, Indiana, USA; Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Museum, New Brunswick, NJ, USA;  New York Public Library, NYC, NY. Paul Loughney currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. 

ADRIANA BERMUDEZ. Colombian visual artist based in Madrid, Spain. Since 2006 she creates surreal worlds using collage as the main technique for the ease and speed with which she can communicate her ideas. She is an artist obsessed with climate change, female empowerment and freedom of expression. 

EZEQUIEL GUIDO. He is a graphic designer by profession, has been dedicated to the plastic and collage since 2005 and since 2018 to the audiovisual arts. He has exhibited his work in Mexico City and in countries such as the United States, Italy and Peru. He is currently focusing his collage work in large format, mixed media and animation.

OLIVIA DESCAMPE. In a time when digital technology makes it so much easier to fuse disparate forms together and make them one, there is a natural, tactile quality to physical collage/decollage that cannot be replicated on a screen. Her innate instinct for collecting visual forms has pushed Olivia to focus ever more energy on her pieces. Olivia was born in Paris, grew up in Brussels and is now calling Berlin her home for the better part of 4 years.

ARIANNE CRISTIEL. She is a Venezuelan-hispanic artist born in Caracas who works on analogical collage from a “romantic” point of view, since she does not use computer media to create her works, which are mostly particular demands on the figure of women, the environment and the freedom and irreverence of surrealism.


ALEKSANDRA MORAWIAK. Illustrator specialized in digital collage. She is passionated about people and their relationships with nature, if you can see in her works. Aleksandra thinks collage is a perfect medium to searching in herself and also to compose new worlds. For three years, he has been creating illustrations for the Polish press. Inspired by graphic design and interior design.


MANUEL SOLÍS. Born in Mexico City in 1985, he studied Visual Arts at the ENAP-UNAM (2004-2008). He holds a Master’s Degree in Arts and Design at the FAD-UNAM (2014-2016). He is doing a research stay in Spain at the FBA-UCM (2015-2016). To date, it has three individual exhibitions and more than forty collective exhibitions. In 2011 he receives the scholarship young creators of the FONCA and in 2015 he wins the first prize in the National Encounter of Young Art.

MAYEL OSNAYA. His work focuses on the dislocation and distortion of identity, altering the image/body of both genders. Through the alteration of these images, it seeks to break its position as truths around the genre, turning them into raw realities; contradicting each other and adding new meanings in different scenarios. Manufactures his images by breaking, cutting, detachment, exchange and reorganization of limbs and body parts.

LAURENT MOLET. He is a collagist and young librarian; These two themes are grouped in the same passion for images. In the same passion to transmit. Laurent, a former educator and youth librarian for 12 years, looks for children’s books, documentaries, newspapers and illustrations from all walks of life to create and compose new images of antiquity. To assemble, tear, lacerate the papers. Passionate about the news, Laurent using his scalpel and his glue, likes to give a new meaning to images that had nothing to do together. Religion, politics, the social side are omnipresent themes in his work.

JORGE TUKAN. Visual artist in training at the Javeriana University in Bogotá, Colombia. His work has been published in different Colombian publishing media such as: Cromos Magazine, Fucsia Magazine, Malpensante Magazine, Avianca Magazine, Dinero Magazine, among others. In the last five years his work has focused on the craft of collage and is co-founder of the collective Red Collage.

SABRINA RODRIGUEZ. Plastic and visual artist of the faculty of arts A.S.AB of the Francisco José de Caldas District University, in Colombia. Her interest in collage and the paper arts began in 2010, opening a new field of action where he is actively involved, conducting independent studies and participating in different calls and exhibitions, having the opportunity to exhibit in countries such as: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Mexico and Colombia. It is part of the book “I live Latin America: the best Latin American illustrations 2015”. In its search for something to say, reality is the least important and the possibilities of experimenting lead it to discover a world that opens the way to surprise, the game of chance, interpretation, decontextualization and re signification of the image from a stage of thought and analysis.

LAURA MACIAS. Graphic designer of LaSalle College, having finished her career, she decided to travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina to pursue a specialization in Motion Graphics in Image Campus. Laura discovered collage 3 years ago. Looking for an alternative to get out of the digital age, she was passionate about the simple fact of going to the flea market in search of old books and magazines, photographs of past times and any element that lends itself to play visually and thus create a new meaning from these. She made the poster of the documentary “Ruge the sea” Buenos Aires – Argentina (2016), has participated in different exhibitions such as: Uno a Uno Exhibition of Red Collage Bogotá – Colombia (2018), shows “Miradas en Femenino” of Mujeres que cortan y pegan in Madrid – Spain (2018), Exhibition “Paper Trips” organized by Lunas de papel in Cali – Colombia and in the Fanzine Movement of Paradoja Ediciones, Medellín – Colombia (2018).

CUTSIDER. Antonio Fräppa was born in Azcapotzalco in 1985. He is a self-taught composer of analogue collage for just over 16 years. He focuses his work on the appropriation of universal painting through the use of books as cut-out material, which is why it is called “Collage Análogo Pictórico”, desacralizing the book as an object (eliminating its contemplative and consultative function), providing it with a new life. He is the manager of the Sociedad Mexicana de Collaxistas and the MICC project (Museo Internacional de Composiciones con Collage) based in Mexico.

CALAMITY FAIR. John Vochatzer is a collage based mixed media artist based out of San Francisco, CA. His corporeal, often macabre visions often extend beyond fine art into album design, street art and murals, and more recently tattooing. He pulls from a wide variety of source material in his collages with a strong focus on human anatomy and natural history and his inspirations range from Hieronymus Bosch, to 20th century surrealism, to Ren & Stimpy.

K****. He is an “artist” from Italy.

GISSELLE AMKIE. She was born in Mexico City on March 15, 1992. She has always been passionate about all kinds of visual art and projects where she can put her creativity to work. She studied a degree in Animation and Digital Art at Media Design School in New Zealand. Returning to Mexico, she opened a visual effects studio for film and television called CHAMACA, she has worked for many films and series both nationally and internationally. Her work is mainly digital but she likes to try different techniques in her free time that make her exploit her creativity.

CANSON CITY. Kike Congrains is a self-taught visual artist. He specializes in working with paper, taking collage as the main support. Kike works from cuts of old magazines and colored cards. The main tools used are scissors, blade and rubber. He has had individual and collective exhibitions in Hong Kong, Scotland, Spain, Argentina and Norway and participated as an exhibitor at the Kolaj Fest 2018 in New Orleans.

PABLO BALLESTEROS. He is a graphic designer by deformation and “collagero” by “tropezón” and “bocacción”, he had his first crush on collage visiting an exhibition by Sean Mackaoui in 1997 but until 2014 he did not dare to take a scissors, a cut, a glue and make a collage, since then he has wanted to recover time, there is no day that he is not preparing something on his work table, a space that he distributes among scissors, glues, film magazines and pin-up books. Try to lose the papers or find them … rather, paste them and let them tell a little story.

RED COLLAGE. When the collage begins worldwide to become a synonym of collectivity and teamwork, there is a need to ask about what is happening in Colombia around this technique. For this reason they join as a collective in order to generate spaces for meeting and reflection on this technique. Composed by Laura Macías, graphic designer and co-director of the design and photography studio “Mr.Creative”; Jorge Tukan, candidate for visual artist of the Javeriana University and who has published his illustrations in several editorial media; and Sabrina Rodríguez, plastic and visual artist and paper engineer. Laura and Sabrina represent the analogue collage and Jorge to the digital collage. Since 2017 they have been developing different activities around collage, during this time 7 workshops, 6 meetings, 1 call and 2 exhibitions, the main objective being to give the place it deserves to collage in their country.

LOLI MOLINA. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1986. She is a musician, songwriter, poet and also a self–taught visual artist and collagist. Resides two years ago in Mexico City, is a lover of nature, outer space and the world of symbols.