LYDIA CECILIA GONZÁLEZ. Collagist of Seville, Spain. Currently, she resides in Vancouver, Canada. She considers art as a vehicle with the power to inspire discussion and analysis of important contemporary issues. Her work focuses on deepening the process of creating identity and gender, as well as the fight against inequality suffered by women and other minorities such as the transgender collective. The collage becomes a tool with enormous power to break the hierarchies imposed by our society and explore new realities.

MARTIN DOSEK. “I´m just playing”, says Martin Došek with mysterious smile, which advises and bears to herewith his aversion to comment his production anyway. All the more he evokes the parallel with dutch painter, Hieronymus Bosch, who is indicated as a surrealist of the 15th century. Došek sticks his collages one by one with no less urgent memento, the same way as Bosch didn´t let anyone introspect into his inward, and disgorged pictures, presented the magic of the Middle Ages (with everything, what it meant), with crudeness, heading to the bone.

ORBEH. Guillermo Flores is a mexican designer and illustrator, based in Guadalajara. Art Director, specialized in retouching, post production and digital art. He has collaborated with various national and foreign companies such as CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, NIKE, GRUPO EXPANSIÓN, GRUPO VIDANTA, PIGGYBACK, SCOTIABANK, PRINGLES, ELM, among others, giving direction and serving as a creative in multiple projects, developing brand identity, strategy, planning and execution of projects. It has various publications, exhibitions and collective facilities inside and outside the country.

XILOTE IBARRA. In a context where fiction and reality converge, the observation of everyday life plays an essential role at the moment of conceiving their works, where a variety of organic and inorganic collection elements are merged to obtain a final product. Its creative process focuses on the object, it invites speculation in relation to its past (who designed, manufactured, sold, used, discarded, collected and transformed), whatever the perspective, it stimulates the development of concepts and the construction of new stories.

PERRO DE GOYA. Carmen M. Cáceres is an argentine writer and illustrator. In 2010 she was selected to participate in the Residencia para artistas de Iberoamérica in Mexico City, coordinated by the AECID and CONACULTA. Between 2011 and 2013, she was the producer of the International Literature Festival in Buenos Aires (FILBA). In 2015 he was a finalist of the Cosecha Eñe award (Spain). In 2016 the Pre-Textos publishing house (Spain) published its novel “An improvised truth”. As an illustrator, she has made book covers for Anagrama, Visor, Pre-Textos, among others. Lives in Madrid.





MARIANA RENTERÍA. Visual artist who resides and works in Mexico City. Degree in Graphic Design at the Universidad Intercontinental. Her work is based on a constant experimentation between photography, digital art and collage, trying to express himself both digitally and analogically. Nature, feminine aesthetics and the combination of colors and textures are a recurring factor in his works. Currently, she seeks to get involved in artistic projects for her creative development and to publicize part of his work.

COLLAGE THE WORLD. Curtis Bergesen grew up near the Potomac River just outside of Washington, DC. Hiking, fishing, and daydreaming along the river helped fuel his interest in and respect for the outdoors. As a handmade collage artist, he recycle and reuse printed materials and turn them into something new. His artwork frequently incorporates images of nature and wildlife. Many of the subjects and titles refer to or incorporate environmental and global themes. He hope to bring attention to these critical issues through his collage pieces.

DAVINOWSKY. He is a designer who in his free time is dedicated to playing the artist. He likes to create things that we could only see in dreams or in nightmares, he did not consider himself violent, but that somehow attracts him.

SOFÍA LEMOS. She is Brazilian and lives in São Paulo. She cut his own life, left some cuts on his side and built a new life, that is, a collage. Today she acts as a visual artist, being that she left the field of Law. It is through the collage that develops a plastic thought of deconstruction of the real and, with it, reforms content and opens poetic paths. Her production is multiple, acting with paintings, installations, book covers and even in the realization of creativity workshops. She has already exhibited in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and New York.

MATÍAS LASEN GOLDZVEIG. He is an actor, cultural manager and collage artist who lives and works in Santiago, Chile. He has studied at the Catholic University of Chile and the University of Applied Sciences of Potsdam (Germany). His inspiration for the development of analogue collage comes from his training in the performing arts, applying the concepts of fiction, narrative and decontextualization as the main engines of creation. He is currently investigating the development of creative processes around collage and is dedicated to cultural production and his scenic projects.

EMMA ANNA. Australian-born, Colombia-based collage artist dedicate to cutting and pasting The New Old World.

SANDRA CORDERO. Multidisciplinary artist currently focused on the work of collage. More than twenty years of experience in the field of filmmaking as a film producer, director, production manager and field producer. The film work has included feature films and documentaries, in collaboration with renowned filmmakers such as Humberto Solás (Honey for Ochún) and F. Gary Gray (The fate of the furious). She has participated and worked in numerous workshops and industry presentations. Her work as a collage artist is part of private collections in the USA.

MAHO. María Constantino is an INBA actress, MAHO florist since 5 years and part of the Foro Shakespeare y Cia team. She has been practicing collage for 4 years but she has always collected cuts. Selected in Madrid, Spain to exhibit “La frida”, within the MULA FEST 2018 together with the Colectivo Mujeres Cortan y Pegan. She has had two exhibitions in Mexico City: “El Dilema de ser reina” at Lorenzo Restaurante and “El Cantar de mis cantares” at Juana Cata.

FEMME FATALE. Alejandra Díaz is a visual artist, graphic designer and photographer. Since 2009 she has worked with the most important Drag Queen group of the Mexico City “Las Hermanas Vampiro”. She is a lover of underground culture, queer and what accumulates. She has had 14 collective exhibitions and 5 individual exhibitions.

ANUNG ASASONGKO.  He´s an artist from Indonesia. He specially interested to fabric collage, he found a social value by the fabric material to support his subject matter in making artwork.

FRANCISCO TORO. Graphic Design Technician by the UDCI. He has completed workshops on painting, object art, visual arts, collage, drawing and engraving at the Tijuana State Arts Center. He has published in print and digital magazines, catalogs and anthologies of Mexico, USA and Venezuela. It has 5 individual exhibitions and more than 20 group exhibitions in Tijuana, Tecate, Ensenada, Mexico City (Mexico) and San Ysidro, Cal, (USA). He is a member of the Mexican Society of Collagists and is part of the Independent Editorial ABN Arte Buhonero (Tj).

LORENA MALO. Lorena de la Garza studied Visual Arts at the National School of Plastic Arts of UNAM. Her work focuses on urban intervention and installation. Performing interventions in multiple public spaces, such as the Reclusorio Oriente, the Lagunilla market, Cinemas Xochimilco or the Pino Suarez metro. Also, her work has been exhibited in spaces such as the Fountain Art Fair in New York, the Museum of Memory and Tolerance, Museum of Indomitable Memory, the Faro de Oriente, ADM Center, the Universidad Iberoamericana, Ex Teresa, Cowparade and Casa Vecina.

ISKAR. Iskar’s inspiration comes from literary illustration, old comics and modern pop art. After completing the degree in Graphic Design, Iskar begins to settle in London for three years where he receives direction and training. When he returns to Mexico he forms his company Artwall Deco, dedicated to the realization of commercial and institutional murals. Through Artwall Deco, Iskar had the opportunity to travel and work in different countries. During these trips, he began to make collage and street art, to the point that it became a fundamental part of his artistic proposal.

DOROS. Sergio Luis Lasso is a sociologist and psychologist. Experiment with collage since 2015 as a resource to narrate vital experiences. Experiment with writing and represent through the image. He has actively participated directing creation and experimentation workshops with collage, graphic fairs and talks. Currently he is making collage in other formats such as muralism and urban graphics.

TALA. Sonia Alfaro is a graduate of the career of English letters, Tala is dedicated to art and to teach literature classes. This passion has turned to another: a growing interest in folklore and fairy tales. In her collages and illustrations nagualism, anthropomorphism and literary folklore are exposed. She has exhibited in Mexico and published illustrations in several magazines such as editions of Kodama Cartonera, Punto de partida (UNAM), editorial Samsara, ARCA literature magazine, etc.

TERESA CLARK. She is a Mexican visual artist. Painter, illustrator and fondista for animation. Works with various media (oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, collage, etc.). Her work as a painter has been exhibited individually and collectively, since 2005, in Mexico and the United States. It has an illustrated album for children, “My new friend”, by Editorial EyC in co-edition with the BUAP (Benemérita Autonomous University of Puebla) and his work has illustrated covers of books and interiors of literary magazines in Mexico as Aldvs, Tierra Adentro, Mula Blanca and Timonel.

MARGINAL. Antonio Nieto is graphic Communication Designer graduated from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Xochimilco and Visual Arts teacher from FAD UNAM. The activity that individually and collectively has been carried out is to document, promote and disseminate the work of emerging and popular cultural producers in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Mexico City; as well as carrying out artistic and editorial projects in collaboration with them.

JORGET. Jorge Torres likes to transform and decontextualize in illustrations through digital collage mainly. He also has the idea that art and design can go hand in hand to create something beautiful and with a more powerful message.

JOFER. Fernando Romo is an architect with a Master’s degree in Plastic Arts, from the border of Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. He develops a production line based on the collage of photography (magazines, books, etc.) with which he develops imaginary compounds of futuristic, organic and psychedelic concepts; with what has stood out in the Biennial of Baja California and in the Artist Space of New York. Each image is a cut and physical addition, which combine a composition covered with a resin that integrates the entire design.

KRISTOFF. Carlos Ortiz Huerta is an analogue collagist, totally self-taught, with an unfinished Sociology career. The drawing and the written word do not work well as a tool to express myself, so he uses the assemblage of images, the collage, with which he has been able to create a language for his thoughts, a way of revealing what disturbs and moves him. He has two years in communion with the knife. Two years smoking the cut smoke and do not think he wants to detoxify him.

YE-EY. Verónica Fernández specialized in the study of the still and moving image in the José Martí Journalism Center (Havana, Cuba), Campamento Audiovisual Itinerante (Oaxaca), Contemporary Art University Museum (MUAC), La casa del cine, Centro Nacional of the Arts (CENART), Center for the Arts of San Agustín. In 2016 she participated in the first Flaherty Seminar in Mexico. She made production for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: Oscars, in Mexico. She obtained the benefit of PACMYC Puebla (2014). She was a beneficiary of PECDA Puebla for the short film “Ombligo”. She coordinated the ULTRAcinema festival.

SAIN-MA RADA. Professional dancer from the contemporary cast of the Teresa Carreño Theater. In a self-taught way she has developed in other artistic disciplines: theater, photography and handmade collage, an expressive medium that she has developed for two years without stopping. As an actress she has worked with El Galpón del Arte, Teartes, La Bacante Theater, Centro TET. In cinema in the film “El Amparo”, by Rober Calzadilla. 8 of his collages are in the Exhibition “RARX. Sexual dissidences and diverse identities “, in the Alejandro Otero Museum; 2 have been selected for the Magazine Flamantes # 14, from Spain.

DEMETRIO DI GRADO. The scenes he represents in his works evoke the years of war but also those of rebirth. The figure always in the center. Dense faces of suffering but also with an extreme desire to live and redeem. Men, women, children, each of them carries a message, flows in time until we reach our present contradiction. And finally a phrase in the eyes to close the meaning, launch a provocation, propose a reflection. Eyes that speaks. His sign.

FRANZ SAMSA. Mirko Pugliara, working under the name of Franz Samsa, is an italian collagist. He was born in Syracuse and studied at Bologna’s Academy of Fine Arts before starting painting in 2002. At the end f 2015 he joined the italian collage group “Oltre Collage”. In 2016 his work was exhibited at International Collage Exhibition organised by Kolaj Magazine. In 2017 his works has been exhibited in Marseille, Los Angeles, New York, Rome, Florence and Milan. He collaborated with great collage artists as Bill Noir, Fred Free, Andres Bergamin, Zeno Peduzzi and much more. Franz published “Fucking Italian” with the great argentinian artist Martin Carri, and his solo book “Loveless”, and a cover for Julian Evans best sellers wrote “Philosophy for Life: And other dangerous situations“, published by Mondadori.

REY DE REYES. Oscar Reyes, pioñero in the Mexican Style. One of the most recognized Mexican graphic designers. His work incorporates national aesthetics, popular and costumbrista as ads labeled, wrestling posters, the monograph of the pape, market products, bardas gruperas among others, and, with a current style, applies them to their designs, maintaining saturation, essence and vivid colors. Reyes has worked for recognized brands such as RedBull and Absolut.

MYRNA FLORES. Protest is the way, silence, death. Mexa woman devoted to complaining. After studying History she realized that there are ideas, events and emotions for which words do not reach, so one good day in 2018, after living closely with two artists, decided to take the collage as a continuous practice of protest and denunciation. Through her art, or for the comrades, her creative praxis, step by step, soft softy, she honor the obligation with the memory that exists in each one of us.

GI BATRES. Gissel Batres is a digital artist based in Chihuahua, Mexico. Graduated from the BA in Visual Arts from the Palmore Regional Center for Higher Education (2014-2018). Her specialty is digital collage, where she explores topics such as femininity, nature and human emotions. It has been published in Juste Milieu Zine edition No. 3 (Dec, 2017) and edition No. 7 (Oct, 2018). She has participated in the collective exhibitions “Miradas en Femenino” by MULAFEST (Madrid, Spain 2018) and “Retratos” by Casa Nahual (Chihuahua, México 2019).

GREER PESTER. Scottish artist with a degree in Painting and Sculpture (2006-10) from Edinburgh College Of Art. Now she lives and works in Mexico City. Her work is intimately linked with the feminine energy from the corporal but also in relation to nature, like mother earth. Using the symbolism on these subjects, she explores the human states of connection; vulnerability, privacy and static experiences. In her executions we find collage with paper and tactile means. Approached from colors and shapes that can refer us to the infantile and feminine.

ROSARIO DUARTE. María del Rosario Leyva is a sociologist from UNAM and a full-time poet. She is afraid of the inconsistency of the mystery, that is why she exerts sensitivity and poetic creativity as generating tools of a dialogue between image, beauty and language, in order to find answers to the reality and everyday life that befalls him. Her work unfolds in poetry and the elaboration of analogue collage. Her work has been presented in journals of the UNAM, COLMEX and some independent galleries.

TEO MONSALVE. His practice focuses on generating visual and intellectual strategies of receptivity in the viewer towards humans and relationships between species. Working with collage, he invests in human dialogue with the natural world. The work of collage explores an interdisciplinary dialogue of aesthetic transformations, where its objective is to generate elastic and hybrid narratives that lend themselves to fluid ways of sharing knowledge. Its objective is to open a dialogue with stories of representation such as the history of painting and natural history, to challenge its aesthetic structures and to re-imagine them.

SEBASTIÁN OSPINA. He is an artist and director of Colombian art, based in Mexico since 2011, with exhibitions with the project of Karen Huber (White Spider) Intervention in CC Border and with only show in Espacio Arterial of the Universidad de la Comunicación, at the moment he is preparing an exhibition for the Laureles Cultural Center in Chihuahua.

SELENE RAMÍREZ. She is a graphic artist, born in 1979, graduated with a degree in Graphic Communication Design at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, with 14 years of experience as a graphic designer and illustrator. She has worked as a designer for INALI, INMUJERESDF, Quality Films, Channel 22 and Adobe Latin America. And as an illustrator for publications such as Max, Record Newspaper, Cambio La Mosca, Mundo Ejecutivo, Cinescopio, 15 to 20, BB Mundo, Moi, Tierra Adentro, Air Femme and Capital Newspaper. Her personal work brings together love for objects, magic (rituals and amulets) and exploration of analogous techniques.

NATHALIA GARCÍA. Currently a student of 8th Semester in Fashion Design and Clothing Industry at the Universidad del Valle de México. It all started with the interest of expressing myself through fashion, which soon afterwards became the expression of an inner self. I create pieces of digital collage inspired by daily life, without an established order, created by intuition, perhaps influenced by the state of mind. Superimposing photographs, textures, objects and sensations. Always looking for the union of the analog era with the digital era; creating a mix of nostalgia with the present.

PATRICIA HUNT. She is a graphic designer, a few months ago she discovered the technique of digital collage and fell madly in love with this world.

DANILA ILABACA. Graphic Artist of Valparaíso. Degree in Graphic Design at the PUCV. Recognized for innovating in the world of collage in a personal way incorporating volume and composition by layers. Traveling has collected original graphics from various countries to use in their works. She has made 5 individual and several collective exhibits. In 2014 she obtained 2nd place in the Art and Human Rights Contest of the MMDH. She received Honorable Mention and the Bank of Chile Award in National Youth Art Competition UV. In 2017 she studied in India. In 2018 she obtained HONORABLE MENTION in XIII MAVI Contemporary Art Prize.

IMGN. Architect born in Mexico City whose work he experiments with photographic editing to distort and construct images that explore dystopian scenarios. Through superpositions and repetitions, he plays with topics related to post-internet cities and surreal architecture. Within his work, montage is part of the work, since it seeks that the viewer get a visual experience out of the ordinary, where the variation of printing materials, frames and sizes alter the scale of exhibition space.

KARINA WALTER. Graduated in Pharmacy, studied photography in 2011/2012 at the International Center of Photography and Cinema in Madrid and, in 2016, collage at the Tomie Ohtake Institute in Brazil. Since 2018, she lives in the USA. In her work, she explores the encounter of images, that gap that opens when they are dragged one towards the other, in order to create new meanings. She uses partial or whole images, her or appropriate photographs and magazines to create those relationships, which he calls “frames”. In 2018, she participated in the MulaFest, Madrid, and developed 3 collages for the Interior Decor Magazine, Brazil.

MORT. Seeks the permanence of ancient cultures, share the knowledge of them and represent them in a hybrid way in their works.

LINOS SANTIAGO. Jesús Linos is a student urban planner, geographer and cartographer. He was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos, and although part of his life has been developed in Mexico City, it is in Cuernavaca where the production of work is located. With early training in art from watercolor and oil, discover the collage on a trip abroad. From that moment, he links his academic training with artistic expression, counting on a theme of social and environmental complaint, among others. In 2017 he was chosen along with 99 other artists for the 2016 annual edition of Collage Collective Co. in Australia.

ANA CLARA CORNEAU. Bachelor in International Relations, lives and works at CDMX as a Marketing Analyst. She writes, makes collages, paints and draws, but has only participated in exhibitions with his book of fantastic realism “Palato”, in an independent art event she organized in the town he grew up and other independent events in Sao Paulo and Rio. As a child, she cuts out magazines to create new images. For her, the collage is to create from the chaos, to generate life from nothing. Her art is about dreams, intuition, stories that her head generates, occultism, sacred feminine and chaos.

HELLOVALENTINA. Igne Pikalaviciute is a professional cellist from Lithuania. That means she is an amateur in collage making, but its her way of writing her journal of life with the ideaologies she see, the cracked and lost people she meet, the questions she have for herself. In collage she is putting a relationship between things that people are tend to hide in the reality.


JESS PEMBERTON. Collage Artist living and working in Cornwall.

SESIUS. Bachelor in Visual Communication although he is more defined as an audiovisual artist interested in showing beings and non-existent worlds that help the viewer to disconnect from a reality, many times, not so pleasant. He uses collage as a tool for the emotions that allow him to experience old movies, vintage photos, abandoned places and everything that has to do with nostalgia, loneliness and the feeling of not belonging to this world and wanting to escape from it.

FRANCESCA ORELLI. Live in Rome. She studied arts at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, United States. The paper found for hand-cut collages comes from flea markets and antique shops in different cities and countries.

FIORE. Project “fiore” was born as a result of the conditions in which we face every day as women, all over the world and specifically in our country (Mexico), that constant fight against discrimination, mistreatment, harassment, sexual abuse, machismo, gender equality among others. It really is a protest to every case that we see and it happens day by day. Through the game of funds forms and various elements she seek to project that duality as women, we are: sensitivity, strength, magic, charm, grace, patience, fantasy, strength, madness and life itself, beautiful and inimitable beings.

MR. PRO. Diego López Prosen studied Visual Arts and History of Art at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Argentina. Trained primarily in visual arts, Diego specializes in painting, collage, photography, illustration, freelance drawing and research design. In São Paulo, he is represented and works at Verve Galería, giving workshops on collage and book design in the visual arts. Internationally is represented by the Hollywood Road Gallery, in London, and by the Zeitgeist Gallery, in Buenos Aires. His work has been displayed at the ART-MAP International Art Show 2016, in Portugal and other places across Europe.

SAN. In the world of collage since 2015, she is currently part of Paz Brarda’s workshop, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She participated in several group shows at the local level. In 2017 she was selected in the Oltre College, Italy contest. In 2018 selected in the call of Collagear7. Live collage as a process of individual transformation in the context of a group framework where you can create varied and enriching expression processes.

ROSÉETRE. Rocío Gándara is a collagist based in Mexico City. Her work is mainly focused on analog collage and video collage.

YESH. Yeshua Zamora lives and works in the city of Aguascalientes, Mex. He began his artistic career by entering the Aguascalientes University of Arts. It has three individual exhibitions: Contramétodo y Condition humana 2015, Horno de estrellas 2017 and Dónde están todos? 2018. It has more than a dozen collective exhibitions. He won the XXXV National Meeting of Young Art and has selections in the biennials Pedro Coronel and Alfonso Pérez Romo. He was a PECDA fellow in its 2017-2018 edition to develop his pictorial project Dónde están todos?

OCOTE. Social psychologist and teacher in visual arts by the Faculty of Arts and Design of the UNAM, has exhibited individually and collectively on numerous occasions. His production explores, shreds and reinterprets concepts of collective psychology such as collective imaginary and unconscious, through the mixing and hybridization of techniques such as drawing, painting, engraving and collage. Its most recent production was exhibited in the collective exhibition ‘Sightings’ in Casa Lamm (2017) and in the exhibition ‘Convite Vorágine’ in gallery 77 (2018).

KERTASIUN. Kertasiun is art playground of Putri Ayusha, a biologist who always gets inspired by nature to create her own artistic world. Here in Kertasiun, she makes analog paper collage and paper-cut illustration from used/found paper, old book and magazines. She has been falling in love with cut-and-paste’s world since 2008 but sure enough that she was already in love a long time before. Her collages are handmade, analog, and made with full of imagination. She is originally from Indonesia and currently living in Sabadell (Barcelona), Spain.

SASTRÉ. Aída Sastré was born in Mexico City in the year of 1999, at an early age she began to have interests in photography. In her training she began to attend workshops, complementary to the aforementioned, she took a diploma in Toluca digital photography at the School of Photography Lumière and it was there where he discovered the art of collage. She worked on the making of the cover of an album for a local group called Ann Frontalva, which is in Spotify, where she applied the collage technique and is currently studying Graphic Design in Pachuca, Hidalgo.

POL. Pablo García lives in the south of Argentina. He is the head of film production, when there is work; full-time employee and professional project scribbler. Today those dreams go through the analogue collage. He trained with the collagist Shavi Alli (@shavialli) and his project together with the collective of Shavi’s partner artists called @galpondeideas. His last participation was in the exhibition of work processes of the laboratory and collage workshop coordinated by Shavi Alli on January 26 last in @lecahierecuadernacionygaleria, Colegiales Ciudad de Bs As.

LUME. Luciana Merino was born in Callao, Peru, in 1990. She studied Audiovisual Communication at the Peruvian Advertising Institute (IPP). Then, she pursued a career in professional photography at the Centro de la Imagen in Lima, Peru. Subsequently, she has taken courses and diplomas on experimental visual arts. She is currently working on a photographic project carried out between Santiago de Chile and Lima. Use photography as a therapeutic medium. She works with elements such as the photographic and audiovisual archive applying appropriation and collage to talk about the fragility of memory, identity and nostalgia.

JOED GALBE. He was born on June 11, 1994 in San Juan del Río, Querétaro. Since kid his hands did not stay still and his discontent for how things look done, he has spent collecting pieces of life to put them on a paper. Author of 7 books, including poems, stories and novels, studied at the University of Guadalajara Industrial Design career, although his passion has always dragged him more to Graphic Design, thus proving the illustration and lettering. He currently works as a jr designer at MDH Bikes and other 2 companies, and spends his time learning.

PC ARTS. Pedro Castro was born in 1984, he studied at the National School of Plastic Arts of the UNAM (now FAD) the degree in Design and Visual Communication, he is currently a film director and visual artist. His work has been characterized by the mixture of symbols, signs and meanings, seeking innovation at different scales. He was the founder of the DiezyMedia collective, a workshop at the Faro de Oriente and awarded for his film work in various film festivals.

ANA VALLEJO. Colombian artist living in Germany. Director of animation, teacher and collage maker as a strategy to think and develop stories. Her collages have been published in books for poems and fanzines. Her animations, which are born from the cut and paste exercise; to collect books, magazines, postcards; of love for the role; They have traveled through several festivals in the world. No doubt her work is closely related to the written word and doing with his hands.

TAUHAUZ. Collage artist, seeks to explore the aesthetics of the patterns of nature through a geometric perspective. His work is based on an irrational number, also known as Golden Ratio. It is found in various forms of nature and also in art, architecture and music. Many of them can even be translated into geometric formulas and / or mathematics. As a visual artist, he really believes in combining nature, geometry and patterns as an art form.

MONRO COLLAGE. Collage artist based in Cuernavaca Morelos, explorer of the infinite possibilities that make up the analogue collage.

OLDBOY ANDROS. He is 25 years old and lives in Mexico City. He was born in Coacalco de Berriozabal and they took him to San José, California at age 5, he returned to Mexico at the age of 15 and that is where his artistic adventure began with different media such as wheatpaste, collage, music and videos. He focuses very well doing collages because he likes to take the mess and make it his own, give it his twist. It has more than 500 collages.

OLF. Rodolfo Hernández is a multidisciplinary designer and artist working in the film industry. After living a decade abroad he has returned to Mexico City to develop several projects related to design and visual arts.

VICTORIO. Born between pirul street and ahuehuete, with a happy look and dark eyes. Cartoonist for ambition and fun. Lover of covers movies and music.

ANDREA BRAVO. Andrea collects and archives personal images, and compilations of other alien spaces. She cares, the ability of several visual elements to reveal gender issues, memory and the personal experience of a femininity. Of its means, it stands out the mixed engraving, the stamp as footprint, the manual and digital collage, the photography and the creative writing. Graduated in Fine Arts with an emphasis in print design, at the University of Costa Rica. Currently she is pursuing his degree in that specialty.

SURICATO QUINTERO–IBÁÑEZ. He was born in Querétaro in 1985. He is a plastic artist with formal systems belonging to underground comics and Mexican historical culture. The content of his work is based on a satirical-historical-socio-political framework. He studied at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving “La Esmeralda” (2005–2009). He has participated in group and individual exhibitions in Mexico, Japan, Colombia, Holland, Italy and E.U.A. Relevant artistic work (drawing and sculpture).

ERICK BALTODANO. His work is a constant study of the details of the image and of a deep discovery. We can divide it into 2 moments. A first stage in black and white where he seeks to understand and portray society, its levels and secrets. A second stage in color. The constant exploration of improvisation and the free association of ideas as a creative process. Influenced by free jazz, experimental improvisation and beat poetry, I generate immediate evaluations, unexpected and new results.

NATHALIA SÚ. Student of Plastic Arts with an emphasis in Pictorial Design at the UCR, currently working with photographs obtained mainly from magazines, with these seeks to generate, under the technique of collage, a series of visual proposals in which the images of architectural character are related and dialogue with each other through a study of color, shape and composition. Looking subtly alter daily landscapes, questioning how we read, or not, the images and photography referring to what surrounds us, generating landscapes that represent a small confusion for the viewer.

ANA DORANTES. With studies in Architecture (ITQ) and Linguistics by the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH). Make collage and object art with emphasis on the archetypes, memories and glimpses of the symbolic worlds. In her artistic work of collage, she uses amate paper as her main support, applying different techniques. She has exhibited in Canada and Mexico. She works and lives in Mexico City.

SACRO SANTO. Carolina Castro is a self–taught artist who dedicates her life to the study of different techniques, including collage. Interested mainly in the exercise of cutting and pasting paper in a traditional way, in order to talk about the urban condition, as a spectator and participate in the construction of the monster that represents Mexico City.

NIE. She has found in the composition of the image the best way to communicate what she feels, she likes to create dreamlike spaces with the desire that the work first manages to transmit the force in a clean and orderly way and then be able to represent a concept. She likes the idea of ​​transcending plasma. Pastel colors and nature are always a constant in my work they absorb the essence of what is.

MARGARIDA GIRAO. Margarida Girão call herself a “self-proclaimed visual artist”. She creates visual stories combining images–found in books, magazines and film stills–with a variety of three-dimensional objects. In ​her art, Margarida mix manual technique with digital. Margarida’s artwork celebrates joy, nature, beauty and it’s a extremely feminine and colorful & bla bla bla bla bla. Margarida’s first collage was at age 11. From this child’s play, she knew that art would be the best way to express herself. Girão lives and works in Lisbon, sharing an atelier with 8 female artists. Animals are her passion and cause.

LUNA NEUTRAL. Vanessa is a graduate of the Faculty of Visual Arts of the UANL. Her soul expresses itself through art, allowing intuitive choice of color and form, a practice of invention comparable to musical synaesthesia (as an aid) ethnobotany, experimental evolution, cosmic vitalism and experiences (emotional or thoughts).

JENESAISPAS. Her works are all about herself. An infinite investigation where it was not found and forever was lost in the dark. The mask. The faceless. She.

ANDREA ROSANO. She discovered collage two years ago. She likes to be able to give another meaning to images made and to be able to show a window to her world.

MEMI. Mercedes Pazos lives in Bernal, Province of Buenos Aires. As a teenager he made collage by plasmándolos in my folders and notebooks. She is a teacher, studied the Faculty of Visual Arts with orientation in ceramics. In the mornings she works in the school and in the afternoon in the workshop with the clay. With the idea of ​​fusing ceramics with collage.

LA LEY. She finished her Graphic Design career with a specialty in Photography from the UNAM. She specializes in the analogue and digital erotic collage since 2012. Her compositions focus on her own journey towards her fantasies, her body and her own eroticism, trying to find new ways of being and living the feminine within her own dynamic. de-construct Nature, eroticism, biology, alchemy, energy, body and dreams are essential elements in her poetry. She works with old erotic magazines that finds in the Colonia Obrera of the CDMX.

IGNORANTE PROFESIONAL. José Manuel Barbosa was born in Mexico City in 1998. Visual artist graduated from the Luis Spota Saavedra Artistic Education Center. He is currently a student at the Active School of Photography. José Manuel uses the city as a plastic concept, seeks to dissect the urban landscape, rescuing as a photographic collage the dialogues that arise from the juxtaposition of them.

S1DNG. David Navarro is Chilean. He study graphic design. At the moment of beginning to develop in the technique of collage, he fell in love with it and all the possibilities that exist to be able to facilitate the creation of images that express and make a social impact.

PERRO DE CARRETERA. Multidisciplinary artist, he is currently pursuing a degree in Visual Arts at the ENPEG “La Esmeralda”, as well as having received a degree in photography from UNAM. His interests revolve around photography, video, collage and sculpture. He has participated in several group exhibitions, among which are: Verde Olivo (November 2016) at the Mexican Institute for Justice, Portrait anti-portrait (September 2017) at the Vasconcelos Library and Fables in front of the mirror (August 2018) at the Palace Museum of the Gurza.

MAFERVIC. Visual artist graduated from La Esmeralda, works with the disciplines of drawing, collage and photography. Her work has been exhibited at the Vasconcelos Library and the National Center for the Arts. She is interested in the subject of private space and intimacy. With this series of collages, she intends to explore the female body and its sensuality.

1990 COLLAGE. Graphic designer by profession, she has always been interested in the analogue world and a year ago she was inserted into the world of collage. It seems interesting to rescue old techniques, direct contact with paper. To be able to reuse visual material that many times are discarded and we have the possibility of giving life to situations, scenes or fictional worlds. She likes to use people as protagonists of his works, from photographs of magazines from the 70s and 80s, preferably in black and white.

THE.B.REX. Senior student of Graphic Design. From a very young age he knew that he wanted to dedicate himself to art and, for that reason, he worked very hard to know the different techniques within them, the collage, which has become one of his favorites. Under the name of The.B.Rex, he began to immerse himself and explore this technique, without having any idea of ​​what he would build with the passing of time. Everything was happening suddenly and intuitively, with the passing of days.

CUBO DE PAPEL. Artist and empirical photographer from Bogotá. Interested in collage as a tool for the illustration of flora and fauna as well as in the elaboration of analogue collage with snapshots and drawing.

ADRIÁN ESCRIBANO. He was born in Spain, where he graduated in Audiovisual Communication, but has lived in Mexico for several years. He is interested in the collage technique for its ability to re–configure and generate alternative scenarios. In his creative process he tends to focus on the aesthetic aspects as an excuse to reflect on the structures of representation violently imposed by external agents and on the concepts of reality, individuality and existence. He is currently working on collage, as well as dedicating himself to activities related to his training, such as graphic design and video editing.

BRMXTRZ. Project that was born at the end of 2016 in the CDMX. The aim of BRMXTRZ is to deepen the study of the image as a political-economic tool and its social impact, based on the idea of ​​collage. The approaches are varied, starting from paper and glue, through the use of texts, video and installation. The source is the newspapers of daily circulation, the images that we consume unconsciously and determine us.

BLEMBART NCINICUSS. Art is part of his life since childhood. With the passage of time, what started as a game became his profession. After studying digital media, she reaffirmed her inclination for manual work. In 2009 she began to dedicate herself exclusively to artistic production, through drawing, and two years later, collage. Her approach to this technique is through the creation of new compositions based on existing images. Recently, her work revolves around the exploration of volume, perspective and space.

OMAR ÁRCEGA. He is a plastic artist who has developed most of his work in graphics, developing methodologies in drawing, specializing in the review and research of visual symbology in which a control system exercises its power through the construction of various signs that support ideas and concepts, all this through a work of recovering visual files from different graphic media.

URALDE. Guillermo studied Visual Arts at the University of Guanajuato, with two stays in Granada (Spain) and Regensburg (Germany). He has participated in collective and individual exhibitions in different galleries and cultural centers in Mexico, Spain, Germany, Austria and Hungary. His work seeks to analyze and question the models of social interaction from different perspectives; some of the recurring themes are identity, the individual-community duality, the legitimization of public imaginaries, marginality.


JB.LOVED. Joao is a collagist natural of San Miguel-Azores. It tries, through analogical methods and the use of already existing material, to build compositions that, in addition to being soft and simplistic in their structure, transmit an idea of ​​spirituality and relationship with the surrounding world. In this current phase, try to compose works that expose a link between man and nature, and demonstrate the need to recover that missing link in the modern day.

LAUNAMTIX. La obra análoga de Manuel González busca generar una opción de apreciación abstracta mediante un ejercicio de montaje y color. La obra en cuestión no asume directamente un mensaje, sino más bien una instancia contemplativa que tensiona al destinatario desde su relación con la observación misma, entendida como anulación del ejercicio productivo per se, en función de una distensión estética.

STEVE TIERNEY.  Is an Australian mixed media artist and designer living between Sydney and Oaxaca, Mexico. Known for his striking, minimalist collages assembled using vintage magazines of the 40’s and 50’s. Tierney now works with a photographer to create his own source material using portraits of his body to reveal something deeper and self-reflective. He recently began to work with large scale installations that aim to defy notions of classic collage, as well as challenge preconceived ideas of beauty and form.

GUADALUPE RAMÍREZ. Environmental Engineer by the UAM-Azcapotzalco and Master of Science by the UNAM. Along with her training she took cinematography workshops at the Instituto Ruso Mexicano and a photography diploma at the IMAGO Institute, where she received honorable mention in the exhibition Objects of Desire (2016). She was part of the collagistas in Miradas en Femenino of MULAFEST 2018 (Madrid). She has collaborated in collective publications such as Introspecciones (2018), where she represents the oneiric world in which the human body and nature converge through the technique of analogue collage.

AGUS ALESSI. She was born in Buenos Aires in October 83. She studied Graphic Design at FADU-UBA where she graduated in 2008. She returned to analogue collage in 2015 and from that moment she participated in group shows at La casona de los Olivera, Espacio Umbral, Espacio Cabrera, La House next door and Espacio Ftalo. She works with photocopies, old family notebooks and images from old magazines, with a special predilection for “Popular Mechanics” and illustrations of anatomy and botany. She loves to assemble and assemble images creating new universes and characters, being meticulous and maintaining a “trash” language in her works.

BAGRAT. Bagrat Arazyan is an artist, graphic designer, curator, philosopher and founder of the Contemporary Art Center of Pivka, Slovenia.

EDGAR SOLÓRZANO. Born in 1989 in Mexico City, where he currently lives and works. He studied Architecture at the School of Architecture–UNAM and did an exchange program at the Bauhaus Universität Weimar where he experimented with techniques of experimentation and representation of space. His work has been exhibited individually and collectively in Mexico, Germany, the United States and Colombia. He was a finalist in the V Bienal J.A. Monroy, selected for the realization of a mural for the UN/Central de Muros, and has exhibited at international fairs.

ROBERTO BG. Born in Aguascalientes in 1989. Writer, editor and collagist. Master in Editorial Production from the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos. He is currently a fellow of the Fundación para las Letras Mexicanas.

BAT PAPI. Art Director of 24 years dedicated mainly to advertising, his personal work is mainly focused on digital collage, this technique is his favorite since it allows him to explore with different styles, color palettes and textures. His style is influenced mostly by vaporwave and pop culture, always trying to present harmonious compositions full of organic figures and simple elements.

VENUS HERMENEUTA. Artistic project born in 2015 in Mexico City, since then Venus has grown as a creator. The concept of Venus Hermeneuta, represents the idea of ​​showing a planet where the inhabitants of Venus live in harmony with nature and with themselves. In addition Venus seeks to highlight the most important aspects of nature and the cosmos. The self–portraits and landscapes of Venus are a mix of fashion photography, along with the colors of Mexican art and pop art.

ECLÉCTICA. Collage project that seeks to develop different aesthetic languages ​​from mixing techniques and media, as a way to address issues about postmodernity under a critical approach and as a means of keeping a graphic journal of the event.

NATURAL VALUES. Ricardo Vázquez is a graduate of the FAD–UNAM. Natural Values ​​aims to study the cosmogony that revolves around nature as the primary axis of life, reason and universal knowledge. His work has been exhibited in cities such as CDMX, León, Oaxaca, Cholula, London, Copenhagen, Santo Domingo, Prague, Brussels, Pittsburgh and NY. Beneficiary of the Young Creators Program. Client selection: UrbanOutfitters (EU), Vans (Mx), Reebok (Mx), Rio Azul Films (Ar), Future Collective (LDN). Founding member of the Buró Público studio. He is currently doing a postgraduate in Museography at the ENCRyM–INAH.

MARCE. Marcela Perdomo is an artist who lives in Los Angeles.

EVE MARLU. Degree in Design and Visual Communication at the UNAM. Specialized in Illustration and Editorial Design. Dancer. Crazy and happy.


KEV. Student of Graphic Design of the Universidad Mesoamericana. He made collages for a year, becoming this his main work tool.

FERNANDO BALADI. Considering collage as a collective discipline that runs solitaire, very similar to reading, hence perhaps its greatest referents and obsessions. He works with different styles and only with original formats, supported in some cases something that he usually calls as pseudo–geometry to give a dimension to the pieces.

ÁLVARO MONTES. He currently resides in Pontevedra, Spain and has been doing collages for about 5 years when he reviewed some magazines he had to throw it away. It usually works with few elements and seeks more message than aesthetics.

BÁRBARA HERRERA. Degree in Fashion Design and Clothing Industry, graduated from the University of the Valley of Mexico. Since she was a child she has been in the artistic world, since she comes from a family of musicians. Passionate about photography, music and dance, which she has practiced for a long period of her life. She is currently studying the specialty of Photography at the Active School of Photography Echegaray and belongs to the dance group Ainara Bashira, which brings together different dancers practicing oriental dance.